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DynaSpike XLT2

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Recent Deaths Raise Concerns Over the Use of Stop Sticks/Stinger

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DynaSpike is a must have technology!

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Wireless Remote Control - No more standing along the side of the road.  Get a safe distance away from the road.  Up to 25 feet away.

Rapid Extension - Two seconds to extend across 1.5 lanes of traffic (15 feet). The fleeing car has no time to react and avoid the spikes.  Get them on the FIRST try.

Small and Lightweight - The DynaSpike is designed to fit in the trunk of a police cruiser.  It can easily be lifted out of the trunk and carried by one officer.

Inexpensive to Use - The cost to reset after each use is minimal compared to the competition. Each system includes a set of individual replacement spikes.

Element of Surprise - The fleeing car doesn't know what hit them.  The spikes come out of no where with no warning.

Replacable Spikes - After each use, simply replace the missing spikes and you're ready to go.

Rapid Retraction - Two seconds to fully retract. No more spiking the chase cars.  With the press of the retract button the spikes retract and allow the chase to continue.

Simple to Use - The DynaSpike takes less than 15 seconds to setup along the road.  It only takes 3 simple steps to use the DynaSpike.

Uses Compressed Air - After each use, simply recharge the on board air tank to 120 psi and you're ready to go. It takes less than 5 minutes to reset the DynaSpike.

Rugged Construction - The DynaSpike is constructed of aircraft aluminum and is designed to withstand the demanding law enforcement environment.


3 Easy Steps is all it takes to deploy the DynaSpike XLT2...

Step 1 - Remove Nylon Safety Cover


Step 2 - Turn On Power and Open Pressure Valve


Step 3 - Find a Safe Location




You're Ready to Safely End a High Speed Chase!

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There's Got to Be A Better Way!

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